Gateway provides a platform to link initiatives and local projects to organizations and international teams, focusing on the establishment of values and principles of the Kingdom of God.

The vision began in Hong Kong, aiming to mobilize and equip young Chinese people to take the gospel to the unreached parts of the world, until Jerusalem. Today, the vision expanded to various countries. Currently there are six Gateways functioning actively around the world (Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan, Taiwan, South Africa, Mongolia, Holland and Armenia).


Gateway was founded by Dale Kaufmann, leader and King’s Kids International Founder. The Gateway foundations are the values and principles we have in KKI, such as mobilizing, going, serving, establishing partnerships and bless the nations. The the word "Gateway" speaks for itself which provides a platform to link initiatives and local projects to organizations and international teams;  spreading and making smoothly the commandment of Jesus: “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” (Mark 16:15 )



You (your church) can get involved within the following areas:

  • PARTICIPATING the mobilization in 2019 in BELÉM: You can mobilize your church (youth, teenagers, children and families) school, home group, project, friends to be equipped and instigated in the GATEWAY CAMP (July 19-21, 2019), where we will have teachings on Missions, Evangelism, Worldview, several workshops on many topics (such as dance, sports, adventure, media, presentations of nations, families, spheres of society, worldview, among others).

    It will be a special time, where will have many nations and denominations gathered together for the purpose of creating partnership in adoration, reconciliation, prayer, training, service and friendship with de followers of Christ. In 2014 we had close to 700 hundred participants, including 19 different nations.

    For children we'll have the Gateway Kids, a special program to include them in the camp.


  • RECEIVING: We will have many teams (national/international) before and after the Gateway Camp, interested to serve for a period of time in communities, churches, etc. Please contact our office to register your project by email:


  • INTERCEDING: “Helping the new generation to discover their calling in God is a challenge.” Therefore, we believe that intercession is a fundamental part of our calling as a ministry. With that, we extend our invitation to your church or community to join us in prayer, seeking the will of God to be fulfilled through this mobilization.



THREE MAIN POINTS of the Gateway are:

 1.  Family and the new generations: There is so much bitterness and resentment into the families and it causes such a suffering in this emerging generation. We want to see a lifestyle of the Kingdom of God in our homes and country. The world says today the essence of who we are is on what we do. However, we believe that we need to move toward a lifestyle based on the values of the Kingdom, where our identity is rooted in the fact that we are children of God. If we can’t achieve this lifestyle in our homes, we won’t achieve it in our ministries or jobs.

2. Linking the Generations: Many blessings are released when the generations are united. This linking also brings a blessing to the nation (ML 4:6). Our desire through GATEWAY is thatgenerations would learn and walk together in faith, bringing joy the Lord while He reveals himself as God of the generations. 

3. Reaching out the Nations: Open our eyes for partnerships with the nations and create opportunities to serve them. Brazil is a receptive nation and we believe it’s time to be a country that will bless both South America and the world.



1. Receive : Open the gates of our hearts, homes and cities to receive the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords ( Psalm 24)

 2. Unite: Unite followers of Jesus Christ from all denominations and generations. Unite also families, cultures and nations.

 3. Establish partnerships: partnerships in worship, reconciliation, prayer, training, serving and friendship with followers of Christ from other cities and nations.

4. Servanthood: Serving together with local and international partners  within the city, GATEWAY in Brazil, South America and around the world in order to promote life and light;

 5. Support: Prepare and mobilize Christians in Brazil.


Gateway is divided as followed bellow:

1. Training: training children, teenagers, young people and families, promoting the linking between the generations and cultures. It’s developed throughout the year to help the teams from different denominations to get ready and maximize their potentials. It’s done through workshops for leaders in training and ministries with the new generation (kids and youth). KKI Brazil is one of the main partners that offer this training.

2. Camp: It’s the conversion point, where everybody from different ages and cultures meet in the same place for 5 days. It’s an opportunity for the teams to participate and to learn about intercession, devotional and worship, and also hear testimonies from people from all over the world and the blessing of having amazing speakers throughout the camp. There are different workshops such as dance, sports, missions, media among many others.

3. Outreach: every team will have the opportunity to go out and serve in other cities and/or other nations. The teams will be sent to the specific place according to their profile. It’s a key time to create future partnership opportunities and mutual development.



Part of the YWAM - KKI global family of ministries